Shahi Dhingri Matar Malai – Vegan Mushroom Peas Curry

Hugely popular winter-time North Indian curry made with fresh button mushrooms, paneer & fresh green peas lightly simmered in a delicate cashew paste gravy & aromatic spices. Best served with your favourite crispy, flaky ajwain pudina parathas. What a delectable combination & great way to set off the chilly wintry weekend! The addition of paneerContinue reading “Shahi Dhingri Matar Malai – Vegan Mushroom Peas Curry”

Beetroot Saasam: No-cook Ezee Coconut Gravy

Today I bring you a hugely popular dish from Karwar, on the Konkan coast of Maharashtra, the Saasam, a sweet- sour coconut gravy but with a unique pungency lent by the tiny unassuming mustard seeds! Don’t you take these little seeds for granted as they pack quite a punch when ground with other ingredients forContinue reading “Beetroot Saasam: No-cook Ezee Coconut Gravy”

Mexican Veg Burrito Bowls

Hola to each one of you & hope you enjoy your day! I always see a smile on my kids lips when I say Mexican food! What we simply lovvve about Mexican food is its spicy, pungent, lemony flavours quite similar to Indian food in numerous ways. It’s crunchy, vibrant & colourful, lots of texturesContinue reading “Mexican Veg Burrito Bowls”

Bheeda par Eeda – Parsi Eggs on Okra

This one pot recipe is perfect for lazy mid-week meals, when you are fed up of all your usual stuff & not really in a mood to cook a whole elaborate lunch/dinner for your family. It’s still full of protein & so filling enough with bread/rotis without the effort of chopping too many veggies. InContinue reading “Bheeda par Eeda – Parsi Eggs on Okra”

Sindhi Sai Bhaji – One Pot Greens Curry

Notes: Sai Bhaji is a green coloured mash with a thick dal-like consistency to be eaten with steamed rice or jeera pulao. This recipe can also be made without onion garlic. Hey, don’t forget to eat your greens, my Mom always warned me! I was the fussiest eater ever as a child & wouldn’t eatContinue reading “Sindhi Sai Bhaji – One Pot Greens Curry”