About Me

Like many do, I too drifted through life & its mundane existence at various points, being unable to pinpoint to my calling, yet knowing that there is that something larger that awaits me. The one thing that was always certain to magically lift my spirits, my raison d’etre!

Born planner & organiser, spiritual seeker, regional & world cinema lover, shayari, ghazal & music enthusiast, passionate about travel, flowers & gardening and now Chief food artist, food photographer & Recipe developer at the Culinary Konnoisseur.

Come join me on my culinary adventures, exploring delights from various cuisines across India and the globe, thanks to the wide exposure given to me by my parents from an early age; sharing heirloom recipes and secrets from my Grandma & Mom’s kitchens’ to make your simple daily food taste & look great as we go along.

I assure you my blog will be a melting pot literally, of sugar n spice & all things delicious attractive & nice!

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Looking forward to your invaluable support, feedback & participation.

Gastronomically yours,

Amrita Kher Sudarsanam

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