A very warm welcome to The Culinary Konnoisseur blog, a long cherished pipe dream (I possibly wasn’t even aware of) that happened completely by chance & actually came to life during the pandemic and its mandated lockdown.

My culinary journey, began at the age of 10, with the prize money I earned myself in class 5, a book voucher, that got me a cute little bake book called ‘We Can Bake’ from Ladybird books. It got me all passionate about baking and short crust pastry in particular & saw my dear family very kindly put up with all bi-weekly trials of chilli cheese straws & jam tarts, only until they were coming out of their ears!

To cut a long story short, seeing my commitment to food, my most ardent admirer, my Granddad, gifted me my largest ever cooking Bible at 13 yrs-The Good Housekeeping Cook Book with the most beautiful illustrations – something that I will always hold very dear to my heart! By 16, I graduated to chocolate walnut brownies & cakes and never looked back.

Though I always dreamt of having my own culinary venture some day, just as life happens to us all, I got busy with a career in the travel & tourism industry & later with starting a family.

Consciously choosing to be a full time mom, typically fretting all the small stuff about providing my kids with the right nutrition, while also ensuring the food was visually appealing, creative & flavourful became routine to me. Cooking thus unknowingly offered a delightful & consistent outlet to my creativity, besides writing informal restaurant and cinema reviews for my friends. I also dabbled in Image Consulting & Corporate training somewhere along the line but none of it really called out to me as a profession, so to speak. Naturally somewhere in all of this, my inner calling had taken a backseat.

This is why having my very own space dedicated to consistently creating & experimenting with good healthy food is a dream come true for me! A dormant dream that came to fruition without any preconceived plan or strategy.

This page is an authentic amalgamation of my interests in baking, cooking, food styling, food photography as well as writing and communicating with my ever enthusiastic and encouraging followers. Such a gratifying feeling!

So, join me as I share both heirloom recipes as well as classic traditional ones, peppered with a few of my own concoctions. I assure you of always striving to do better than yesterday and look forward to your valuable feedback and recommendations regularly.

This blog is an ode to my grandparents and aunt, who taught me that it’s fine to be a tiny bush in a valley, but be, the best little bush if you can’t be a tree!

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