One Pot Chicken Surprise

By popular demand, another quick & delightful one pot meal with chicken that relies on easily available kitchen ingredients & a few green aromatics.  The showstopper is actually a secret procedural technique that lends the dish an extremely unique flavour, enhances the aroma & steals the show!!! What you waiting for? Jump straight to theContinue reading “One Pot Chicken Surprise”

Spinach & Corn Jade Rice

Delicious & healthy fresh green spinach loaded with vitamins, iron & dietary fibre cooked & tossed with sweet corn, paneer & a few other flavourings to make a well- balanced vegetarian one pot rice meal. Ideal for busy days & a great way to mask spinach while cooking for kids. If you prefer you canContinue reading “Spinach & Corn Jade Rice”

Mixed Vegetables in Paprika Sauce

A wonderful main course vegetarian dish, these are beautiful assorted veggies tossed in a flavoursome garlic-paprika sauce that you can tweak the spice levels to your palate. A dish that can also be served as a side or made into a one pot meal, simply by adding some penne or spaghetti pasta to it. RequiringContinue reading “Mixed Vegetables in Paprika Sauce”

Spaghetti Bolognese

Kickstart your weekend with this easy-to-cook, ideal weekend dinner for kids and adults alike! A sizzling hot n’ slurrpy meal that appeals to vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike, quick to whip up and soo good to eat. I assure you this is one dish you will make on repeat, if you aren’t already doing so! Mmm..mouthContinue reading “Spaghetti Bolognese”

Cheesy Spring Vegetable Casserole

Hiya! Hope you all had a good day and are now looking forward to a relaxed weekend ahead! So, we were talking of Sheroes yesterday, not the cape & mask clad ones, but the real-life women who make our world a better place just by being in it. So, if you’re all settled in withContinue reading “Cheesy Spring Vegetable Casserole”