One Pot Chicken Surprise

By popular demand, another quick & delightful one pot meal with chicken that relies on easily available kitchen ingredients & a few green aromatics.  The showstopper is actually a secret procedural technique that lends the dish an extremely unique flavour, enhances the aroma & steals the show!!! What you waiting for? Jump straight to theContinue reading “One Pot Chicken Surprise”

Fiery Red Fried Sardines- Masala Fried Fish

Fried fish is an inherent part of almost every cuisine. Coated in a blend of spices unique to that specific region, be it just a basic salt, pepper, garlic, lime marinade or plenty of red chillies & tamarind, it is devoured with great relish by all fish lovers. Sardines, a daily consumed fish caught freshContinue reading “Fiery Red Fried Sardines- Masala Fried Fish”

Gongura Mutton – Lamb with Sorrel Leaves

We have already spoken about delicious Gongura / Ambadi / Sorrel leaves cooked with lentils /dal in detail in my earlier post. This time I bring you a delightful meat preparation with the same naturally sour leaves. Stir fried with plenty of onions, garlic & green / red chillies to your taste, this one’s anotherContinue reading “Gongura Mutton – Lamb with Sorrel Leaves”

Multani Mutton Saagwala – Lamb in Spinach

A popular robust lamb delicacy from the region of Multan, in the state of Punjab, Pakistan. This aromatic curry is a heavenly combination of pureed spinach & moist, tender chunks of meat in a richly spiced curry sauce, reminiscent of North Indian flavours. The addition of fresh spinach and mustard oil, the north Indian wayContinue reading “Multani Mutton Saagwala – Lamb in Spinach”

Spaghetti Bolognese

Kickstart your weekend with this easy-to-cook, ideal weekend dinner for kids and adults alike! A sizzling hot n’ slurrpy meal that appeals to vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike, quick to whip up and soo good to eat. I assure you this is one dish you will make on repeat, if you aren’t already doing so! Mmm..mouthContinue reading “Spaghetti Bolognese”