Sizzling Baida Roti Mumbaiya Style

Hey I found a lot of friends this week fighting the blues, wonder what it was that everyone had the blues bug at the same time?! Anyways, to drive my blues away, I visited the National Handicraft fair in the city recently & it sure lifted my spirits! What a fabulous collection of Indian handicrafts,Continue reading “Sizzling Baida Roti Mumbaiya Style”

Kerala Style Lamb Pepper Roast – Mutton Ularthiyathu

No festive table can be complete without this tantalizing meat delicacy! Prounounced “oo-lar-thi-ya-the”, this tongue twister of a traditional meat dish fit for a king, showcases all of the rich heritage of Kerala spices & coconut so beautifully in one single dairy-free, nonvegetarian preparation. Like most marinated meat dishes, this one too tastes much betterContinue reading “Kerala Style Lamb Pepper Roast – Mutton Ularthiyathu”

Epic Layered Hummus Meal

Proud of your super silky hummus & want to turn it into a wholesome dinner? Simply layer your hummus with some stir fried protein, be it the vegetarian/vegan way with tofu/assorted vegetables or the non vegetarian way with stir fried mince, this makes for a great super healthy, satiating & visually appealing meal any dayContinue reading “Epic Layered Hummus Meal”

Portuguese – Goan Galinha Cafreal

It is my pleasure entirely to bring to you another exciting showstopper of a dish from Goa today! Great for gluten free & dairy free diets, Galinha (Chicken in Portuguese) in a Cafreal masala, is a spicy chicken preparation that finds its roots in the Portuguese colonies in Mozambique, Africa. Chicken Cafreal, a melt-in-the-mouth delicacy,Continue reading “Portuguese – Goan Galinha Cafreal”

Goan Prawn Pulao / Pilaf

Goa, the land of sun, sand, surf & fresh seafood! When Yuletide season arrives, one always thinks of Goa & the sheer merriment and revelry that engulfs you & overpowers your senses just as soon as you get there! Colourful fairy lights & decorated trees in shops & quaint eateries, lively Goan music n’ liveContinue reading “Goan Prawn Pulao / Pilaf”