Spinach & Corn Jade Rice

Delicious & healthy fresh green spinach loaded with vitamins, iron & dietary fibre cooked & tossed with sweet corn, paneer & a few other flavourings to make a well- balanced vegetarian one pot rice meal. Ideal for busy days & a great way to mask spinach while cooking for kids. If you prefer you canContinue reading “Spinach & Corn Jade Rice”

Shahi Dhingri Matar Malai – Vegan Mushroom Peas Curry

Hugely popular winter-time North Indian curry made with fresh button mushrooms, paneer & fresh green peas lightly simmered in a delicate cashew paste gravy & aromatic spices. Best served with your favourite crispy, flaky ajwain pudina parathas. What a delectable combination & great way to set off the chilly wintry weekend! The addition of paneerContinue reading “Shahi Dhingri Matar Malai – Vegan Mushroom Peas Curry”

Mexican Veg Burrito Bowls

Hola to each one of you & hope you enjoy your day! I always see a smile on my kids lips when I say Mexican food! What we simply lovvve about Mexican food is its spicy, pungent, lemony flavours quite similar to Indian food in numerous ways. It’s crunchy, vibrant & colourful, lots of texturesContinue reading “Mexican Veg Burrito Bowls”

Juicy One Pot Soy Garlic Chicken

Doesn’t the picture say it all? Replace the chicken with any other protein you wish, tofu, prawn or fish, and it will turn out just as fabulous! This awesome quick & easy One pot speaks for itself as it always seems to do in my home. The strong point of this dish that makes itContinue reading “Juicy One Pot Soy Garlic Chicken”

The Sassy Bombay Masala Grilled Sandwich

This delightful, super delicious & lip-smacking quintessential go-to snack is found at most street corners in Mumbai and is a must-try one! Getting caught in Mumbai rains at odd times with hunger cramps, and having that heavenly smell of buttery grilled / toasted veggie chutney sandwich is sure to make anyone drool! Being a die-hardContinue reading “The Sassy Bombay Masala Grilled Sandwich”