Healthy Baked Amritsari Fish Tikka Tacos

Taco Thursdays here!! Today’s fabulous fusion recipe features delicate pieces of flaky white fish marinated in a beautiful savoury Kashmiri red chilli tandoori masala & a medley of other Indian spices. Slow cooked in an oven or flash fried in a grill pan until still juicy & tender with a beautiful black char. A simpleContinue reading “Healthy Baked Amritsari Fish Tikka Tacos”

Fusion Pasta Primavera with Oven Roasted Veggies

Hey there everyone! Happy to be back blogging after the weekend, time well spent taking my son out cycling early morning into the outskirts, lots of exciting bird watching and some great cups of coffee! All rejuvenated after that time out in nature and soaking up the sun! Today, Say Eatalee! When I first triedContinue reading “Fusion Pasta Primavera with Oven Roasted Veggies”

Mexican Veg Burrito Bowls

Hola to each one of you & hope you enjoy your day! I always see a smile on my kids lips when I say Mexican food! What we simply lovvve about Mexican food is its spicy, pungent, lemony flavours quite similar to Indian food in numerous ways. It’s crunchy, vibrant & colourful, lots of texturesContinue reading “Mexican Veg Burrito Bowls”

Creamy Chicken n’ Mushroom One Pot

A total crowd pleaser, an easy peasy one pot that’s loaded with the flavour of fresh light aromatics like garlic, onion, celery, spring onions & herbs such as fresh dill or oregano to elevate the creamy sauce & coat the juicy chicken pieces, giving it a super fancy feel. Add a dash of white wineContinue reading “Creamy Chicken n’ Mushroom One Pot”

Epic Layered Hummus Meal

Proud of your super silky hummus & want to turn it into a wholesome dinner? Simply layer your hummus with some stir fried protein, be it the vegetarian/vegan way with tofu/assorted vegetables or the non vegetarian way with stir fried mince, this makes for a great super healthy, satiating & visually appealing meal any dayContinue reading “Epic Layered Hummus Meal”