Eggs in a Nest – Delicious One Pot Meal

Trust this first blogpost in May finds you all in good health, tucked safely indoors, going out only if necessary while taking all the necessary precautions. For those of you feeling under the weather or unwell, remember the world stands by you in thought and prayer as we as a global community fight this dreadfulContinue reading “Eggs in a Nest – Delicious One Pot Meal”

Spicy Restaurant Style Egg Kadhai

Happy lazy Sunday to you! Well deserved after the long week that was. A lot of us prefer to order in on lazy Sunday & consciously keep the kitchen closed for at least one meal, allowing ourselves some much needed time off from the monotonous routine that’s ahead of us. But for the other meal,Continue reading “Spicy Restaurant Style Egg Kadhai”

Bheeda par Eeda – Parsi Eggs on Okra

This one pot recipe is perfect for lazy mid-week meals, when you are fed up of all your usual stuff & not really in a mood to cook a whole elaborate lunch/dinner for your family. It’s still full of protein & so filling enough with bread/rotis without the effort of chopping too many veggies. InContinue reading “Bheeda par Eeda – Parsi Eggs on Okra”

Parsi Akuri – Creamy Curried Scrambled Eggs

The perrfect start to a perfect Sunday- an egg-citing recipe that brings out the naturally creaminess of the mildly spiced soft n flavourful scrambled eggs. Also, for those who aren’t too fond of the flavour / odour of cooked eggs, this is a great way to mask the flavour & odour with the awesome onion-tomato-freshContinue reading “Parsi Akuri – Creamy Curried Scrambled Eggs”