Tangy Konkani Batata Saung

One of my favourites, a popular staple from any Konkani kitchen, Batata Saung. A tasty potato curry with just 2 basic ingredients onions and potatoes, spiced with red chilli and tamarind into a lovely tangy, medium spicy gravy flavoured with the sweetness of onions. Easy to make! Recipe for Tangy Konkani Batata Saung Ingredients (ServesContinue reading “Tangy Konkani Batata Saung”

Konkani Dali Toye/Thoy with Steamed Rice

My mum belongs to a rather small community from the southern state of Karnataka, India. The Chitrapur Saraswat Brahmin community, though originally from Kashmir, settled down along the coast of North Karnataka, around Karwar a few centuries ago and adapted their food habits to the local produce such as coconut, tamarind, red chillies as wellContinue reading “Konkani Dali Toye/Thoy with Steamed Rice”

Crunchy Roasted Masala Papad Cones

Scrumptious & crunchy roasted masala papad cones filled with a delightful tomato-onion salsa. The perfect non-oily appetiser for your next house party! Recipe for Crunchy Roasted Masala Papad Cones Ingredients Serves (4 – 6 people) 4-6 Punjabi or Garlic papads for roasting For the fresh salsa filling: 2 medium sized onions, finely chopped 2 mediumContinue reading “Crunchy Roasted Masala Papad Cones”

Banana Bread

One of my most tried n tested recipes that anyone can bake. Yes, I mean first-time bakers too. It’s that simple. A must -try recipe for all vegan and banana lovers who enjoy a warm sweet, moist and fluffy sweet treat. Comfort food at its best in any weather! The traditional as well as egglessContinue reading “Banana Bread”

Spinach Carrot n Potato Soup

Superfood Soup Saturdays – Spinach Carrot n Potato Soup Do you remember Popeye saying try rubbing a lil spinach on it to make it better? Well trust me, it truly works, ha ha!! You must try making this super quick n easy vibrant winter detox soup, I assure you it will soon be one ofContinue reading “Spinach Carrot n Potato Soup”