Lite Comfort in a Bowl – Simple Yellow Dal (no onion garlic)

Homecooked comfort in one bowl! This is the simplest and quickest way to paradise. Plain, simple & bursting with nutrition in every way, without any masala, fat or any fancy ingredients. Reminding you of home in every way! Dal and rice are in fact the first solid foods given to an infant (in a mashedContinue reading “Lite Comfort in a Bowl – Simple Yellow Dal (no onion garlic)”

Creamy Whole Black Lentil Curry-Dairy Free Dal Makhani

Butter Dal/ Dal Makhani/ Maa ki Dal(Mom’s Dal) is a simple, lite & delectable combination of whole black lentils & red kidney beans, traditionally slow cooked for hours to rich creamy perfection with some roasted Indian spices. It can then be tempered with a large dollop of wholesome ghee or clarified butter for added richness.Continue reading “Creamy Whole Black Lentil Curry-Dairy Free Dal Makhani”

Konkani Dali Toye/Thoy with Steamed Rice

My mum belongs to a rather small community from the southern state of Karnataka, India. The Chitrapur Saraswat Brahmin community, though originally from Kashmir, settled down along the coast of North Karnataka, around Karwar a few centuries ago and adapted their food habits to the local produce such as coconut, tamarind, red chillies as wellContinue reading “Konkani Dali Toye/Thoy with Steamed Rice”