Lehsuni Dal Fry – Garlic Tempered Lentils

One of the eternally popular dishes served in Indian restaurants the world over! DAL / LENTILS = COMFORT FOOD For rainy days or heavy breakfast days, here’s some comfort food we can all relate to. A simple & nutritious meal packed with protein, carbs & healthy fats! All you need is some papad or pickleContinue reading “Lehsuni Dal Fry – Garlic Tempered Lentils”

Plum Rasam

A variation with local plums for die-hard rasam lovers such as me!! Plums are available in plenty in shops at present. Here’s a recipe of regular Tomato Rasam as well for you. Like Betel Leaves Rasam Rasam (pepper water) is comfort in a bowl. All it requires is a bit of rice to be dunkedContinue reading “Plum Rasam”

Creamy Whole Black Lentil Curry-Dairy Free Dal Makhani

Butter Dal/ Dal Makhani/ Maa ki Dal(Mom’s Dal) is a simple, lite & delectable combination of whole black lentils & red kidney beans, traditionally slow cooked for hours to rich creamy perfection with some roasted Indian spices. It can then be tempered with a large dollop of wholesome ghee or clarified butter for added richness.Continue reading “Creamy Whole Black Lentil Curry-Dairy Free Dal Makhani”

Methi Paratha – Fresh Fenugreek Roti

Try out these flavourful parathas made with fresh fenugreek leaves & a mix of healthy flours & Indian spices. They taste best when served with plain yoghurt and your favourite pickle. The pleasure of simple healthy tasty home cooked food is unmatched! Fenugreek leaves are believed to assist in lowering blood sugar levels as wellContinue reading “Methi Paratha – Fresh Fenugreek Roti”

Dhaba Style Paneer (Rustic Style Cottage Cheese Curry)

An impressive & easy to cook paneer gravy that appeases all ages alike! Served here with Methi Parathas (fresh fenugreek rotis). This dish is especially found at all Dhabas or rustic roadside eateries alongside Indian highways that are frequented by budget travellers & truck drivers. Particularly popular for their traditional village style ethnic feel, completeContinue reading “Dhaba Style Paneer (Rustic Style Cottage Cheese Curry)”