Plum Rasam

A variation with local plums for die-hard rasam lovers such as me!! Plums are available in plenty in shops at present. Here’s a recipe of regular Tomato Rasam as well for you. Like Betel Leaves Rasam Rasam (pepper water) is comfort in a bowl. All it requires is a bit of rice to be dunkedContinue reading “Plum Rasam”

Tomato Rasam – Pepper Water

A month dedicated to comfort food would certainly be incomplete without the South Indian staple, Rasam! A simple, unassuming dish usually made with tomatoes or lime, as the main ingredient & a basic but intoxicatingly aromatic rasam powder that can be freshly prepared in an instant without any hassle. There’s just one basic rule whileContinue reading “Tomato Rasam – Pepper Water”

Tomato Saar – Creamy Tomato Coconut Milk Soup

Some like it hot, some like it cold, (hope no one likes it in the pot 9 days old!!) Don’t some dishes simply say home just by looking at them? Well, this is one of those. Happiness is homemade as they rightly say. All ‘home’ requires here is some steaming hot plain rice, a happilyContinue reading “Tomato Saar – Creamy Tomato Coconut Milk Soup”

Hawaiian Pasta Salad-with Dairy Free Option

A light summery cold pasta salad full of refreshing flavours, textures, colour and crunch. Loaded with the goodness of fresh pineapple, onions, sweet corn, red peppers, avocados, jalapenos, pomegranate seeds & black olives. The addition of a protein element such as tofu, red kidney beans or boiled egg chunks for vegetarians or then cooked ham,Continue reading “Hawaiian Pasta Salad-with Dairy Free Option”

Madras Betel Leaves Soup – Vetrilai Rasam

Ever since I moved to South India and tasted Rasam 20 odd years ago, I have been hooked onto it. While most South Indian weddings and ceremonies end on a sweet note with some milk based pudding, I’m sure to be the odd one, always making a beeline for the rasam counter to complete myContinue reading “Madras Betel Leaves Soup – Vetrilai Rasam”