Prasadacha Sheera /Suji Halwa – Rich Semolina Sweet

The months of August & September each year usher in a plethora of Hindu festivals ranging from Nagapanchami & Varamahalakshmi Pooja to Krishna Janmashtami, culminating with the globally popular 10 day Ganesh Chaturthi festival. It is also considered an auspicious time of the year to hold the esteemed Satyanarayana Pooja in your home. Festivals areContinue reading “Prasadacha Sheera /Suji Halwa – Rich Semolina Sweet”

Eggless No-Churn Tender Coconut Ice-cream

As I set out to write my 101st blogpost, I would like to express my deep gratitude to each and every one of you for being an integral part of my culinary journey at The Culinary Konnoisseur. Nothing says summer more than homemade ice creams. It gives me great pleasure today to share this distinctlyContinue reading “Eggless No-Churn Tender Coconut Ice-cream”

Hawaiian Pasta Salad-with Dairy Free Option

A light summery cold pasta salad full of refreshing flavours, textures, colour and crunch. Loaded with the goodness of fresh pineapple, onions, sweet corn, red peppers, avocados, jalapenos, pomegranate seeds & black olives. The addition of a protein element such as tofu, red kidney beans or boiled egg chunks for vegetarians or then cooked ham,Continue reading “Hawaiian Pasta Salad-with Dairy Free Option”

Kesar Shrikhand – Greek Yoghurt Sweet

Satiate your sweet cravings this festive summer week with a traditional healthy, homemade dessert that’s one of India’s most popular summer time sweet treats. The season’s first Shrikhand – entirely homemade, a chilled, creamy & delicious sweet- low in carbs, high on protein, contains no preservatives & is a must-have in almost every Maharashtrian orContinue reading “Kesar Shrikhand – Greek Yoghurt Sweet”

Eggless No-Churn Mocha Ice-cream

Ladies, take a chill pill! This one’s for all of you! The coolest, creamiest, most coffee-licious Mocha ice cream is here for you today, with some teeny dark choco chunks thrown in for those who enjoy the rocky-road experience! If you prefer nutty treats, then almonds or hazelnuts are your go-to topping. Serious lipsmacking divinity!Continue reading “Eggless No-Churn Mocha Ice-cream”