Homemade North Indian Garam Masala

Indian cooking truly offers a diverse and vivid variety of flavours and foods, each regional cuisine distinctive and delightful with its unique blend of spices. The cooking of an Indian meal isn’t as complicated as it is made out to be, the secret to a flavoursome meal essentially lying in capitalising on the right spices,Continue reading “Homemade North Indian Garam Masala”

Sabudana Vada – Deep Fried Sago Fritters

Hey, this one’s for all you folks, my very own extended familia! This absolutely unplanned post happened purely at the nudging of a dear friend who reminded me that the sweetness in our lives is always well n truly incomplete without the sour, so today I celebrate those awesome people, who cheer you through yourContinue reading “Sabudana Vada – Deep Fried Sago Fritters”

Bright Beet & Oats Cutlets

Infuse some cheer, colour & loads of essential nutrients into your manic Mondays with these vegan beetroot & oat cutlets! Beetroots provide some impressive health benefits being low calorie, high fibre vegetables that are a great source of folate, iron, vitamin C & potassium. Improving blood circulation, immunity as well as balancing blood pressure areContinue reading “Bright Beet & Oats Cutlets”

UP style Station wale Aloo aur Palak Puri

UP style Station wale Aloo – Palak Puri aur Boondi Raite ke Saath This irresistibly tangy n mildly spicy (zero onion garlic) potato curry is framed in my mind’s eye as a delectable piping hot street food dish sold by hawkers at a railway station in North India in little rustic leaf bowls and henceContinue reading “UP style Station wale Aloo aur Palak Puri”

Pachakari Ishtew – Kerala Style Vegetable Stew

A subtly spiced, wholesome traditional stew from the southern most state of India, better known as God’s own country or gorgeous Kerala! This stew can be made using either vegetables, chicken or both and makes for a super Sunday breakfast with appams or idiappams. A creamy, comforting stew that is both vegan & gluten free,Continue reading “Pachakari Ishtew – Kerala Style Vegetable Stew”