Sabudana Vada – Deep Fried Sago Fritters

Hey, this one’s for all you folks, my very own extended familia! This absolutely unplanned post happened purely at the nudging of a dear friend who reminded me that the sweetness in our lives is always well n truly incomplete without the sour, so today I celebrate those awesome people, who cheer you through yourContinue reading “Sabudana Vada – Deep Fried Sago Fritters”

Aloo Tuk – Crispy Golden Fried Potato Bites

The sudden rains this evening urged me to run into the kitchen to reach out for potatoes. The rain drops my window pane looked at me longingly, waiting for me to give in to them & so they’re entirely to blame for my sudden craving for something chatpata. I made a popular Sindhi snack/starter, theContinue reading “Aloo Tuk – Crispy Golden Fried Potato Bites”