Orange Ginger Brown Butter Cake

Feels great to be here writing here to you today. Sharing a beautiful cake recipe to remind you just how much you are valued, my friends, from my age-old Good Housekeeping book. Loads of cheerful bright, fresh pulpy orange juice & orange zest, golden yellow honey & gorgeous, browned butter, all infused into a lightContinue reading “Orange Ginger Brown Butter Cake”

Gooey Fudgy Very Berry Brownies

Have I told you lately that I love you? Well, fresh juicy, strawberry-filled gooey fudgy brownies will most certainly say it for you! What better than a classic combination of berries n chocolate to sweeten your Valentine week. Be prepared to lick your fingers ‘cause these have an extra rich gooey, fudgy centre with aContinue reading “Gooey Fudgy Very Berry Brownies”

Red Velvet Cheesecake Swirl Bars

A gift for someone you love– said the tag line of a hugely popular chocolate brand while we were growing up. And rightly so, chocolate seems to be the most timeless & eternal way, even so many years later, to show someone how much you love them. So today, being this special big 10th birthdayContinue reading “Red Velvet Cheesecake Swirl Bars”

Mega Moist Anytime Carrot Cake

My apologies, at the outset, for the lighting in this picture that simply does not do any justice to this world’s best carrot cake, a fluffy, super moist crumb, loaded with fresh carrot & my favourite flavour enhancers cinnamon & nutmeg. They do a fine job of totally bringing out the freshness of the cakeContinue reading “Mega Moist Anytime Carrot Cake”

Moist Lemon Raisin Cupcakes with Glaze

Nothing smells home more than the aroma of freshly bakes goodies! The perfect treat for all citrus lovers who like a bit of tang to their bakes, best enjoyed with good company and your favourite cuppa tea or coffee. These lemon raisin cupcakes are an ideal weekend nibble for all – best enjoyed as aContinue reading “Moist Lemon Raisin Cupcakes with Glaze”