Spinach & Corn Jade Rice

Delicious & healthy fresh green spinach loaded with vitamins, iron & dietary fibre cooked & tossed with sweet corn, paneer & a few other flavourings to make a well- balanced vegetarian one pot rice meal. Ideal for busy days & a great way to mask spinach while cooking for kids. If you prefer you canContinue reading “Spinach & Corn Jade Rice”

Superfood – Curry Leaves Chutney Powder

Don’t you always remember this green leaf as something you always took out of your mouth in irritation as a child or something that your mom overloads the sambar & curries with? Well, I most certainly do! It is only when I started delving into the nutritional aspects of this new age super food, thatContinue reading “Superfood – Curry Leaves Chutney Powder”

Madras Betel Leaves Soup – Vetrilai Rasam

Ever since I moved to South India and tasted Rasam 20 odd years ago, I have been hooked onto it. While most South Indian weddings and ceremonies end on a sweet note with some milk based pudding, I’m sure to be the odd one, always making a beeline for the rasam counter to complete myContinue reading “Madras Betel Leaves Soup – Vetrilai Rasam”

Sindhi Sai Bhaji – One Pot Greens Curry

Notes: Sai Bhaji is a green coloured mash with a thick dal-like consistency to be eaten with steamed rice or jeera pulao. This recipe can also be made without onion garlic. Hey, don’t forget to eat your greens, my Mom always warned me! I was the fussiest eater ever as a child & wouldn’t eatContinue reading “Sindhi Sai Bhaji – One Pot Greens Curry”

Crunchy Lettuce Wrap Meal – Sweet n Sour Cottage Cheese / Tofu

Lettuce wraps make for one of the most fun filled family dinners, a visual delight that’s healthy & light to boot! It’s the weekend & a lot of you are now looking for new ideas of what to cook, tired of the same old lockdown recipes. Add your favourite stir fry recipe to these superContinue reading “Crunchy Lettuce Wrap Meal – Sweet n Sour Cottage Cheese / Tofu”