Crunchy Lettuce Wrap Meal – Sichuan Fish

Lettuce wraps make for one of the most fun filled family dinners, a visual delight that’s healthy & light to boot! It’s the weekend & a lot of you are now looking for new ideas of what to cook, tired of the same old lockdown recipes. Add your favourite stir fry recipe to these superContinue reading “Crunchy Lettuce Wrap Meal – Sichuan Fish”

Methi Paratha – Fresh Fenugreek Roti

Try out these flavourful parathas made with fresh fenugreek leaves & a mix of healthy flours & Indian spices. They taste best when served with plain yoghurt and your favourite pickle. The pleasure of simple healthy tasty home cooked food is unmatched! Fenugreek leaves are believed to assist in lowering blood sugar levels as wellContinue reading “Methi Paratha – Fresh Fenugreek Roti”

Spinach Carrot n Potato Soup

Superfood Soup Saturdays – Spinach Carrot n Potato Soup Do you remember Popeye saying try rubbing a lil spinach on it to make it better? Well trust me, it truly works, ha ha!! You must try making this super quick n easy vibrant winter detox soup, I assure you it will soon be one ofContinue reading “Spinach Carrot n Potato Soup”