Portuguese – Goan Galinha Cafreal

It is my pleasure entirely to bring to you another exciting showstopper of a dish from Goa today! Great for gluten free & dairy free diets, Galinha (Chicken in Portuguese) in a Cafreal masala, is a spicy chicken preparation that finds its roots in the Portuguese colonies in Mozambique, Africa. Chicken Cafreal, a melt-in-the-mouth delicacy,Continue reading “Portuguese – Goan Galinha Cafreal”

Goan Prawn Pulao / Pilaf

Goa, the land of sun, sand, surf & fresh seafood! When Yuletide season arrives, one always thinks of Goa & the sheer merriment and revelry that engulfs you & overpowers your senses just as soon as you get there! Colourful fairy lights & decorated trees in shops & quaint eateries, lively Goan music n’ liveContinue reading “Goan Prawn Pulao / Pilaf”

One Pot Grilled Chicken Seville

Simple One pot meals are essentially the order of the day during pandemic times, what with some of us having to do all the house chores by ourselves. Be it post grad students at university cooking for themselves, workaholics who don’t have the time nor inclination to cook at the end of a long day,Continue reading “One Pot Grilled Chicken Seville”

Hearty Italian Minestrone Soup

Chilly winter evenings and a large bowl of steaming hot n’ hearty Italian minestrone soup (pronounced mini-stron-ee or mini-stron-eh) served with fresh warm bread & butter! Mmm.. happiness is hot soup on a cold day! Soup season is here to stay. An ideal dinner soup for all appetites thanks to its thick, rustic consistency providedContinue reading “Hearty Italian Minestrone Soup”

Pachakari Ishtew – Kerala Style Vegetable Stew

A subtly spiced, wholesome traditional stew from the southern most state of India, better known as God’s own country or gorgeous Kerala! This stew can be made using either vegetables, chicken or both and makes for a super Sunday breakfast with appams or idiappams. A creamy, comforting stew that is both vegan & gluten free,Continue reading “Pachakari Ishtew – Kerala Style Vegetable Stew”