Bheeda par Eeda – Parsi Eggs on Okra

This one pot recipe is perfect for lazy mid-week meals, when you are fed up of all your usual stuff & not really in a mood to cook a whole elaborate lunch/dinner for your family. It’s still full of protein & so filling enough with bread/rotis without the effort of chopping too many veggies. InContinue reading “Bheeda par Eeda – Parsi Eggs on Okra”

Three Treasure Fried Rice-One Pot Meal

One Pot meals continue to rule the roost and rightly so! As long as balanced nutrition & convenience goes hand in hand, who is to complain? Also keeping to my promise of eating rainbow coloured food all week, this one is literally – so eat the rainbow! Chinese Fried Rice is believed to have beenContinue reading “Three Treasure Fried Rice-One Pot Meal”

Parsi Akuri – Creamy Curried Scrambled Eggs

The perrfect start to a perfect Sunday- an egg-citing recipe that brings out the naturally creaminess of the mildly spiced soft n flavourful scrambled eggs. Also, for those who aren’t too fond of the flavour / odour of cooked eggs, this is a great way to mask the flavour & odour with the awesome onion-tomato-freshContinue reading “Parsi Akuri – Creamy Curried Scrambled Eggs”

Creamy Chicken n’ Mushroom One Pot

A total crowd pleaser, an easy peasy one pot that’s loaded with the flavour of fresh light aromatics like garlic, onion, celery, spring onions & herbs such as fresh dill or oregano to elevate the creamy sauce & coat the juicy chicken pieces, giving it a super fancy feel. Add a dash of white wineContinue reading “Creamy Chicken n’ Mushroom One Pot”

Juicy One Pot Soy Garlic Chicken

Doesn’t the picture say it all? Replace the chicken with any other protein you wish, tofu, prawn or fish, and it will turn out just as fabulous! This awesome quick & easy One pot speaks for itself as it always seems to do in my home. The strong point of this dish that makes itContinue reading “Juicy One Pot Soy Garlic Chicken”