Fiery Red Fried Sardines- Masala Fried Fish

Fried fish is an inherent part of almost every cuisine. Coated in a blend of spices unique to that specific region, be it just a basic salt, pepper, garlic, lime marinade or plenty of red chillies & tamarind, it is devoured with great relish by all fish lovers. Sardines, a daily consumed fish caught freshContinue reading “Fiery Red Fried Sardines- Masala Fried Fish”

Malabar Spinach Curry – Vaali Bendi

The Malabar Spinach or Vine Spinach is a climbing vine much akin to the usual spinach, except that it has very thick, edible stems. It is also called Pui Shak in Hindi/Bengali, Mayalu in Marathi, Basale Soppu in Kannada & Vaali Bhaji in Konkani. (see picture below) This plant has numerous health benefits & isContinue reading “Malabar Spinach Curry – Vaali Bendi”

Subzi Miloni – Garden Veggies in Spinach Gravy

A beautiful bouquet of mixed vegetables in a deliciously -spiced spinach-mint gravy. That’s Subzi Miloni for you. Of course, the combination of veggies is entirely up to your family’s taste – carrots, beans, baby corn, coloured bell peppers, potatoes, zucchini, mushroom-the sky is the limit! Best part is that you can add the paneer onlyContinue reading “Subzi Miloni – Garden Veggies in Spinach Gravy”

Gongura Mutton – Lamb with Sorrel Leaves

We have already spoken about delicious Gongura / Ambadi / Sorrel leaves cooked with lentils /dal in detail in my earlier post. This time I bring you a delightful meat preparation with the same naturally sour leaves. Stir fried with plenty of onions, garlic & green / red chillies to your taste, this one’s anotherContinue reading “Gongura Mutton – Lamb with Sorrel Leaves”

Dill with Lentils – Shepu / Suva Dal

Delicious home cooked and simple comfort food is true bliss to most of us or as we say in Hindi, Maa ke haath ka khana and that one phrase seems to sum it all up! Personally cooked by Mom! I’m sure each one of us can relate to this, irrespective of which corner of theContinue reading “Dill with Lentils – Shepu / Suva Dal”