Gongura Pappu / Dal – Tangy Sorrel Leaves Lentil

In Andhra Pradesh, South India, there is no dish that can get more authentic than a traditional Gongura delicacy such as Pappu (dal), pickle, Pachadi, thokku(chutney), Pulihora (rice) or the ever-popular Gongura Mutton Stew (Mamsam) amongst many others. In India, there is a common tendency to shy away from leafy green veggies during the rainyContinue reading “Gongura Pappu / Dal – Tangy Sorrel Leaves Lentil”

Superfood – Curry Leaves Chutney Powder

Don’t you always remember this green leaf as something you always took out of your mouth in irritation as a child or something that your mom overloads the sambar & curries with? Well, I most certainly do! It is only when I started delving into the nutritional aspects of this new age super food, thatContinue reading “Superfood – Curry Leaves Chutney Powder”

Multani Mutton Saagwala – Lamb in Spinach

A popular robust lamb delicacy from the region of Multan, in the state of Punjab, Pakistan. This aromatic curry is a heavenly combination of pureed spinach & moist, tender chunks of meat in a richly spiced curry sauce, reminiscent of North Indian flavours. The addition of fresh spinach and mustard oil, the north Indian wayContinue reading “Multani Mutton Saagwala – Lamb in Spinach”

Konkani Kairi Ghashhi – Sweet Tangy Raw Mango Curry

Here’s an awesome authentic finger licking, coastal raw mango curry, a delightful combination of hot, hearty, super flavourful curry with unripe tart green mangoes & just a hint of jaggery for that beautiful balance. Spicy, tangy, sweet & saucy curry, all-in-one! The perfect way to drive the monsoon chills away. Comfort food all the way!!Continue reading “Konkani Kairi Ghashhi – Sweet Tangy Raw Mango Curry”

Ajji’s Muga Ambat – Konkani Sprouted Green Gram Curry

Today being the birth anniversary of my maternal grandmother, what better recipe to dedicate to her than a simple yet delicious wholesome one pot recipe! I always looked forward to my grand mom visiting us in childhood as it meant we got to savour all the simple home cooked delicacies from the coast of Karwar.Continue reading “Ajji’s Muga Ambat – Konkani Sprouted Green Gram Curry”