Matki Misal Pav – Curried Sprouts’ Snack

Simple, traditional home cooking from the Konkan belt or coastal Maharashtra and Karnataka ranging from delightful pure vegetarian food to delicious coconut-based curries. Well known Maharashtrian speciality, Misal Pav, popular snacky fare available at most inexpensive roadside eateries in Maharashtra. A wholesome finger-licking meal-in-itself, popular as breakfast fare, onepot meal or an instant hit atContinue reading “Matki Misal Pav – Curried Sprouts’ Snack”

Dilli Wale Aloo Stuffed Bread Pakore

Hello everyone! Great to be back here with a brand new month & brand new positive March energy!! Spring time always seems to bring a spring in one’s step, saying goodbye to the dreariness of winter and hello to more happy yellow sunshine! Ta-di-da! That’s when I thought, this month would be perfect to celebrateContinue reading “Dilli Wale Aloo Stuffed Bread Pakore”

Broccoli Walnut Pesto Crostini

Let’s party! It’s the weekend!   I must’ve been Italian in one of my previous lives’ cause I love everything about traditional Italian food including the garlic overload & crusty bread that goes with almost everything. I enjoy making Basil Pesto Sauce when it rains, when friends are coming over, or simply because I justContinue reading “Broccoli Walnut Pesto Crostini”

Bheeda par Eeda – Parsi Eggs on Okra

This one pot recipe is perfect for lazy mid-week meals, when you are fed up of all your usual stuff & not really in a mood to cook a whole elaborate lunch/dinner for your family. It’s still full of protein & so filling enough with bread/rotis without the effort of chopping too many veggies. InContinue reading “Bheeda par Eeda – Parsi Eggs on Okra”

Strawberry Orange Carrot Apple Smoothie

Strawberry season is here, lots of colour, joy & cheer in the air & so many delish things to cook up-cheesecakes, shortcakes, puddings, jam & preserves, galettes, kheer, flavoured yoghurt, sangria, wine & whatever else you can think of! Continuing with my theme of #eat the rainbow & #mindful eating, I decided to open myContinue reading “Strawberry Orange Carrot Apple Smoothie”