Batata Vada – Batter Fried Crispy Potato Balls

An Ode to the Ubiquitous Vada Pav Can you stop at just one? “Vada pav, Vada pav”, yelled the little boy vendor, as the train chugged into the platform at Khopoli, a quaint & nondescript station on the busy Mumbai-Pune railway journey. Hordes of sweaty commuters overcrowded the doorways to the train, pushing to getContinue reading “Batata Vada – Batter Fried Crispy Potato Balls”

Masale Bhaat – Authentic Marathi Rice Dish

Gudi Padwa chya hardik shubhechha tumha sarvanna!! Gudi Padwa or Maharashtrian New Year is being celebrated on 13th April this year. Greetings to you and your families!! May this new year usher in good health, happiness and prosperity in all our lives & homes! Though known by various names in different states, it is celebratedContinue reading “Masale Bhaat – Authentic Marathi Rice Dish”

Two Ways Raw Mango Cooler – Kairi Panha

Ahhhhh! Chilled Kairi Panha!!! Summers bring with them the most refreshing & cooling drink ever- Kairi Panha or fresh raw mango cooler!!! Made out of boiled raw green mangoes and caramelized brown jaggery that’s not overly sweet, this one’s a winner all the way! High on taste & top of the health chart too. ThandaContinue reading “Two Ways Raw Mango Cooler – Kairi Panha”

Methamba – Marathi Sweet Sour Mango Pickle

What a joyful memory this sweet pickle brings with it!! The very thought makes my mouth water. Unbelievably flavourful, perfectly well balanced sweet & sour, with just a hint of spice to tickle your taste buds. Pleasantly pungent yet sweet, and what’s best about it is -my childhood summers in a bottle! Unlike other picklesContinue reading “Methamba – Marathi Sweet Sour Mango Pickle”

Matki Misal Pav – Curried Sprouts’ Snack

Simple, traditional home cooking from the Konkan belt or coastal Maharashtra and Karnataka ranging from delightful pure vegetarian food to delicious coconut-based curries. Well known Maharashtrian speciality, Misal Pav, popular snacky fare available at most inexpensive roadside eateries in Maharashtra. A wholesome finger-licking meal-in-itself, popular as breakfast fare, onepot meal or an instant hit atContinue reading “Matki Misal Pav – Curried Sprouts’ Snack”