Mumbai Veg Tava Pulao

Today I bring to you, the street-side version of the humble Vegetable pulao, all buttered & spiced up, ensuring your hunger pangs are simply driven away by the enormous trampoline-sized, multipurpose sizzling flat pan or tava on which it is prepared. Do stop by for one of these inexpensive street vendor performances, when you areContinue reading “Mumbai Veg Tava Pulao”

Three Treasure Fried Rice-One Pot Meal

One Pot meals continue to rule the roost and rightly so! As long as balanced nutrition & convenience goes hand in hand, who is to complain? Also keeping to my promise of eating rainbow coloured food all week, this one is literally – so eat the rainbow! Chinese Fried Rice is believed to have beenContinue reading “Three Treasure Fried Rice-One Pot Meal”

Goan Prawn Pulao / Pilaf

Goa, the land of sun, sand, surf & fresh seafood! When Yuletide season arrives, one always thinks of Goa & the sheer merriment and revelry that engulfs you & overpowers your senses just as soon as you get there! Colourful fairy lights & decorated trees in shops & quaint eateries, lively Goan music n’ liveContinue reading “Goan Prawn Pulao / Pilaf”