Gooey Fudgy Very Berry Brownies

Have I told you lately that I love you? Well, fresh juicy, strawberry-filled gooey fudgy brownies will most certainly say it for you! What better than a classic combination of berries n chocolate to sweeten your Valentine week. Be prepared to lick your fingers ‘cause these have an extra rich gooey, fudgy centre with aContinue reading “Gooey Fudgy Very Berry Brownies”

Gajar Paak – Caramelised Carrot Fudge

February is known as the month of love, a time for letting those around you know how much you care! And isn’t food one of the ideal ways to show your love to someone you care for ? So this month will be a ride through some of our cherished family recipes, those that someContinue reading “Gajar Paak – Caramelised Carrot Fudge”

Creamy Foxnut Pudding – Makane ki Kheer

This one’s in memory of someone who will always hold a special place in my heart, my dear Grandmother-in-law who now rests in peace besides her husband, just in time for their 80th anniversary in a few days! Since I had the special privilege of knowing my grand parents-in-law since I was all of 8Continue reading “Creamy Foxnut Pudding – Makane ki Kheer”

Moist Lemon Raisin Cupcakes with Glaze

Nothing smells home more than the aroma of freshly bakes goodies! The perfect treat for all citrus lovers who like a bit of tang to their bakes, best enjoyed with good company and your favourite cuppa tea or coffee. These lemon raisin cupcakes are an ideal weekend nibble for all – best enjoyed as aContinue reading “Moist Lemon Raisin Cupcakes with Glaze”

White Chocolate Cranberry Pistachio Fudge Love at first bite!

Because you’re worth it! A little indulgence goes a long way in celebrating the year that was & the way you proudly stood up to it! Cheers to one & all! Here’s a simple quick 6 ingredient, cran-tastic holiday recipe that’s perfect for pot lucks, gifts & dessert tables, treats for your little kiddies &Continue reading “White Chocolate Cranberry Pistachio Fudge Love at first bite!”