Gratitude – A Visual Tribute

As this Month of Love, February, draws to a close today, here’s my tiny lil tribute to each and every one of you out there who over the past few months, has taken the time out to patiently read through my blog.

Here’s a visual tribute of various recipes tried out by friends and followers, my humble thanks to all of you who go through my videos, actually try out my recipes, give in your flattering comments, write in with your honest feedback and above all, encourage me continuously with your fervent support and enthusiasm.

This one’s for you cause Thank you is too tiny a word. Promise to keep at it and send you more simple, delicious & healthy recipes regularly. My special thanks to my son, Chaitanya, for taking the time out to edit all the droolworthy videos! You guys truly make the ride worthwhile!

5 thoughts on “Gratitude – A Visual Tribute

  1. I’m no cook, but find that I’ve missed out on some recipes, after your tribute to your friends, will have to ask for a special favour, sometime, to catch up.

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